Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are Welsh Estates my Management Company?2022-07-11T08:44:26+01:00

We have been appointed by your developer and so following the completion of your development, Welsh Estates will take over the responsibility of the management and maintenance of the open spaces.

What is the responsibility of a Management Company?2021-11-05T15:03:21+00:00

It is our responsibility to manage and maintain the areas of public open space in accordance with Landscape Management & Maintenance Plan. This plan sets out how the retained landscape and existing ecology of the site will be maintained, in addition to ensuring that the open space fulfils its roles, including providing habitats and recreational space.

How do I request a change to my open space?2021-11-05T15:03:47+00:00

If you have any suggestions as to how your open space can be enhanced to benefit the community and/or the existing wildlife, we would love to hear from you.

Who will inspect our open space and how regularly will this take place?2021-11-05T15:04:12+00:00

Our grounds teams will conduct visual inspections of your development during each maintenance visit, these inspections will be documented within our maintenance reports. In addition to this, your Estates Manager will attend your development regularly to carry out a comprehensive H&S inspection.

What is an Annual Management Charge?2021-11-02T17:52:42+00:00

Your AMC is calculated based on the costs associated with managing and maintaining the features within your development. Each AMC is site specific and agreed with the development first-hand.

How can I pay my Annual Management Charge?2021-11-05T15:04:44+00:00

Your AMC can be paid via bank transfer, your online portal, direct debit, cheque, or by telephone with our team.

Can I pay my Annual Management Charge in instalments?2022-07-11T08:52:53+01:00

Yes, you can spread your AMC over 12 monthly installments with a direct debit plan. Please get in touch with our finance team at finance@welshestates.co.uk to arrange.

What if I’m struggling to pay my Annual Management Charge?2021-11-02T17:53:26+00:00

If you find yourself struggling, please get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Do Welsh Estates collect Ground Rent Charges too?2022-07-11T08:44:12+01:00

No, Welsh Estates do not generally collect Ground Rent, however in exceptional circumstances Welsh Estates have collected on behalf of a Housebuilder. In these circumstances, we ensure to send out separate communication so that it is not confused with the Annual Management Charge.

Can I have all my communication via email rather than via letters?2021-11-05T15:05:53+00:00

Yes, we actively encourage our residents to go green and received all their communications via our portal or email.

Can I receive communication in another format?2022-07-11T08:45:53+01:00

Yes, Welsh Estates can provide any communication you require via another format that is more suitable, be it through an alternative language, audio or braille. You can request this by getting in touch by emailing equiries@welshestates.co.uk.

I’m moving house, what actions do I need to take?2022-07-11T08:47:09+01:00

To complete the sale of your property you will need to obtain a pack from us, either yourself or your solicitor can request this. The pack costs £90.00 + VAT and will include the following:

  • Site Plan
  • AMC Breakdown
  • Statement of Accounts, proving you have paid your Annual Management Charge in full
  • Signed Notice of Charge

Please note, the Annual Management Charge must be paid in full for that maintenance period to receive any documents. You can order your pack by getting in touch with our team at legal@welshestates.co.uk.

I’m purchasing a property on a development managed by Welsh Estates, what actions do I need to take?2022-07-11T08:49:28+01:00

Solicitors acting on your behalf will make an application to register your new property. To do this, they will require a, which must be signed by Welsh Estates to comply with the restrictions on the title.

You can request a Certificate of Compliance by getting in touch with our team at legal@welshestates.co.uk.

How do I propose a community event on my open space?2021-11-05T15:07:49+00:00

We love to support community events in any way we can, so if you’re thinking of holding a community event on your development, please get in touch with the team to discuss. Please remember, before any events take place, permission must be obtained from the landowner first.

Can Welsh Estates support my local project or event?2022-07-11T08:48:29+01:00

We love to get involved and support local projects and events, outside of our developments, so please get in touch with the team to discuss.

How do I make a formal complaint?2021-11-02T18:00:34+00:00

If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with the level of service you’ve received, please get in touch with our team and let us put it right.

What if my question isn’t covered here?2022-07-11T08:51:44+01:00

If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch with our team at enquiries@welshestates.co.uk.

I would like to work with Welsh Estates, who do I need to contact?2022-07-11T08:49:05+01:00

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our team. Please send your CV & Cover letter to estates@welshestates.co.uk.

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